Since 1977, visitors to the Mendocino coast, lucky to discover Mendocino Mustard at local stores, have taken home Hot & Sweet to share with family and friends.


The assertive heat and robust flavor create a strong connection between cooking and great food, and the indelible memories of the majestic redwoods and the beautiful Mendocino coast line. It's Mendocino and mustard...what's not to love? 


Now you don't have to visit the Mendocino coast to enjoy Mendocino Mustard. Click on FIND LOCALLY to find a grocery store near you or SHOP ONLINE if you would like to have Mendocino Mustard delivered directly to you.  

Gourmet Hot & Sweet Mustard

Welcome to the home of Mendocino Mustard - a small batch, California made, kosher, gourmet mustard.

Small Batch

Gourmet mustard made in small batches.

We don't mass-produce or co-pack Mendocino Mustard.  By controlling the recipe, the ingredients, and the process, we're able to make better tasting mustard.  


California Made

Artisanal gourmet mustard made in California.

Since 1977, Mendocino Mustard has been part of California's celebration of gourmet food.   

Family Owned

Gourmet handcrafted family owned mustard.

Pride in ownership means something to us.  Thank you for supporting our family-run business and for supporting small batch, artisanal mustard making.