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How We Conduct Ourselves


Buying from a small, gourmet mustard maker is great, but it is important for you to know that our artisanal mustard meets and exceeds industry standards for food safety, personnel practices, and cleaning practices.


Our kitchen was recently inspected by AIB International and we received a score of 910 out of 1000 possible.  We are told that a score of 910 is exceptional, and that much larger and very well-known food companies have difficulty scoring over 800.

Why have a 3rd party food inspection?  Well, a GMP inspection is in addition to the regular inspections conducted by the FDA and the California Department of Public Health.


In short, it ensures that we produce only safe, high quality Mendocino Mustard, allowing us to become better mustard makers.


To learn more about AIB International or a GMP inspection, go to

How Our Suppliers Conduct Themselves


From the mustard grown to the glass blown, we rely heavily on our suppliers to provide safe, high quality ingredients.


In order to maintain good business practices throughout our supply chain, and to ensure that high ethical and legal standards are maintained, we require our suppliers to review and sign our Supplier Code of Conduct.  

The signed Supplier Code of Conduct demonstrates a shared committment to providing you with safe, great tasting mustard, brought to you by companies willing to hold themselves to higher standards.  

Packaging Choices


There has been a great deal of controversy concerning Bisphenol A (BPA) in food packaging.   Although the FDA determined that BPA is safe, we asked ourselves, "why take the chance?"  We have therefore decided that Mendocino Mustard will only be packaged in BPA free jars.  


In addition, we are pleased to report that we have found a cap supplier whose lid lining is BPA-Non-Intent (BPA-NI).  BPA-NI means that no BPA was intentionally used during the manufacturing process.  Although the mustard comes in minimal contact with the cap lining when stored upright, we sleep better knowing that our cap lining and cap gasket material are BPA-NI.

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