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As a small mustard business, our impact upon the world is, admittedly, small.  Despite our size, we take environmental stewardship seriously and do our share to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  



For us, reduce means using less energy.  We use fluorescent and LED lighting, and advance planning in order to minimize the number of production days. We even turn off power to the water heater on non-production days.  



Every case of mustard shipped to your local grocery store or restaurant is shipped in the original cardboard box provided by the manufacturer.  Many companies favor new, graphics-driven boxes for shipping.  These graphics-driven boxes may be nice marketing items, but they do little to promote reuse. In contrast, we simply apply a small mustard label to the original cardboard box and send it on its way.  


Additionally, each pallet of mustard sent out has a slip sheet that protects the mustard cases from the wooden pallet.  We reuse undamaged pallets and slip sheets received from our raw materials suppliers.



Our greatest impact on the environment is driven by our packaging selection.  Although the onus is upon you to recycle our jars, it’s important to us to know that our case boxes and mustard jars are 100% recyclable.


We also take great care to recycle incoming packaging and other materials that we cannot reuse.  In fact, we had to order a second recycling bin because we were doing such a great job!  

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