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$.25 Per Jar Increase to Distributors

For the past nine years, we have kept our mustard price unchanged despite frequent price increases for ingredients, glass, lids, labels, freight, rent, and from the California Department of Public Health.

On January 31, 2020, Mendocino Foods, Inc. notified its distributors of an upcoming $.25 per jar price increase.

Because of the recent news focus on the food supply chain, you may have learned that most food processors sell to distributors and the distributors then sell and deliver to local supermarkets and grocery stores. We do not control the price to which distributors sell to the stores, nor do we control the price to which the stores sell to you, but know that the price to which we sell to the distributors is usually less than 1/2 the price marked on the shelf.

Times are tough for most and this is not a decision that we made lightly, however, it is an important decision and will help keep us making Mendocino Mustard for another 43 years.

From our family to yours. Thank You!

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