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So long, farewell…

25 years ago, Seeds & Suds mustard was introduced to much acclaim and was a welcomed partner to the original, Mendocino Mustard’s Hot & Sweet. With the advent of the pandemic, however, supply shocks have caused us to order glass jars and other raw materials in larger quantities and months in advance. In addition, Mendocino Mustard’s Hot & Sweet is growing in popularity and selling very well.

The result is that floor space within our little mustard shop comes at a premium and sadly, the difficult decision was made to discontinue Seeds & Suds mustard.

For those of you that were long-time fans of Seeds & Suds, we thank you for your loyalty and hope that you will understand the difficulties of our new reality. We do encourage former Seeds & Suds fans to consider trying Hot & Sweet, and adding it to your pantry.

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